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Book Reviews

When you are thinking about adding some books to your library, here is a place to get book reviews.

Free books in public domain

Downloadable e-books at

Search your personal library online

Google not only lets you search the contents of books online, but you can create a virtual library on their site of all the books you possess in your own library by entering their titles. Then, when you are looking for a particular reference, you can return to their site and find all instances of it in the books you already own. Sure beats thumbing through them all manually! Click here to try it out.

Swap your unwanted books with someone else

Web site lets you list your unwanted books online and when someone requests them you ship them and you pay shipping. Why would you want to do that? Because each book you ship gives you a credit whereby you can request a book for yourself and the sender pays shipping.  You can also order 3 credits for around $10. Nothing very profound here, but I have found some good deals this way,search the site for youthspecialties books that are already posted by others. by clicking here. Just a tip, when you are searching you will find a list of a LOT of books the system recognizes, but you can only order those which have been posted as available so try the advanced search and click “posted books.”

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