Ministry Illustration: Wine thief steals vinegar by mistake

Thief mistakes bottle of wine with vinegar and drinks it all up.

GERMAN THIEF who stole a bottle of wine but was too mean to give it up
when captured by police and gulped it down got a nasty shock when he
found out that it was vinegar.

The thief vomited repeatedly. A police spokesman said: ‘He was caught in the act and fell over while running away.

guess he thought ‘I’d better make the most of this’ and drank the
stuff. Then he vomited up it and everything else he’d drunk.’ Police
said several bottles of wine had recently been stolen from the bar, and
the landlady had replaced the wine with vinegar before the inebriated
19-year-old struck. Her partner detained the retching thief until
police arrived to arrest him.

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