Tools: Block certain advertisements online

I was noticing that everytime I logged in I’d see these same advertisements that I really didn’t want to see. Amazingly they were on a big name news website! How could I read the news and save myself the headache of seeing these ads?

I use Firefox as my web browser, which is not only faster than Internet Explorer but offers a lot of “extensions” which are programs you tack on to customize your internet browsing. My new favorite extension is Ad Block Plus. The extension works off of a database that blocks a lot of objectionable images before you ever see them. If you do happen to run up on something that wasn’t in the database, this extension will allow you to right click and select to block the image from now on.

A lot of adblocking software adds other programs to your computer that you don’t want. As an extension, this program doesn’t do that.

Click below to visit the installation page

If you don’t already have Firefox installed, you will need that to get this working.

By the way, if you have children using MySpace this is a MUST as MySpace typically has sleezy ads for matchmaking services and these get taken right out!


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