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Tools: Block certain advertisements online

I was noticing that everytime I logged in I’d see these same advertisements that I really didn’t want to see. Amazingly they were on a big name news website! How could I read the news and save myself the headache of seeing these ads?

I use Firefox as my web browser, which is not only faster than Internet Explorer but offers a lot of “extensions” which are programs you tack on to customize your internet browsing. My new favorite extension is Ad Block Plus. The extension works off of a database that blocks a lot of objectionable images before you ever see them. If you do happen to run up on something that wasn’t in the database, this extension will allow you to right click and select to block the image from now on.

A lot of adblocking software adds other programs to your computer that you don’t want. As an extension, this program doesn’t do that.

Click below to visit the installation page

If you don’t already have Firefox installed, you will need that to get this working.

By the way, if you have children using MySpace this is a MUST as MySpace typically has sleezy ads for matchmaking services and these get taken right out!


Students: Get Microsoft Office at 91% off!

If you are enrolled in any courses and have an .edu email address through your school, you can get Microsoft Office for 91% off at this link:

Word is, that you can get it even if you’re not currently enrolled but alumni, though I haven’t tested this out and the site itself says otherwise.

If any of you benefit from this, why not let us know in the comments.

Marcos’ blog

Check out the blog for Marcos a missionary with Mercy Ships who spoke at the Minister’s Conference Nov 3, 2008.

What can the church say regarding political issues?


Here is where you can get a copy of the IRS guide for dealing with political issues. Link is above this line of text.

Here are notes from the ministers conference 5May08:

Jerry Royal speaks on what we can tell our people:

Matt 22: 37 – 40

37Jesus replied: ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.'[a] 38This is the first and greatest commandment. 39And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'[b] 40All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

Agape: unselfish, unconditional commitment to the greatest good of another.

Main thing we can do politically is pray for God’s will to be done in people getting to office.

1 Tim 2:2
Pray for all who are in authority

Romans 13:1
1 Peter 2:13
To submit to the governing authorities. He gave us those words at a time when the governing authorities were for the most part not godly rulers. Exceptions where God and law in conflict

Acts 4:19, 5:29
Obey God over man

By God’s grace we don’t face that dilemma like so many others are. And God calls those people to not follow that law

We can talk about what God’s word says about the issues. Like abortion and the sanctity of life
•    Only 4% of Americans make their decision making on Biblical worldview and only 9% of born again Christians do.
You cannot loby, you as a pastor trying to call officials to change policy or get others to do it.

So how much can I call or get others to about an issue.

You cannot be involved in any political campaign activity for or against a candidate.

Focus on Family on their website has where candidates stand on different issues. Found at


You can invite a candidate and mention their current status but cannot mention they are running.

IRS Publication 1828.

Resources from seminar: Hurting Teens Hurting Themselves

It was great to engage in conversation with all of you who participated in the meetings at the Atlantic Baptist Association on Jan 28, 2008. I am attaching a compressed file full of resources pertinent to the topic of Hurting Teens Hurting Themselves. If I can be of further assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask. I have many more resources than can be posted online I would be happy to mail to you.

Travis Crocker
Student Family Minister – Beaufort First Baptist
Associational Youth Director – Atlantic Baptist Association

Hurting Teens Hurting Themselves

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