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Youth Lesson: Burn us Up

Below is an old lesson I taught in August of 2008. If you are looking for a lesson on faith and need some ideas to jump start your train of thought, hope this can be of help.

We’re talking today about faith to do what God says.

Lots of great examples
David vs Goliath
Jesus in garden

But TODAY Abraham and son Isaac

Gen 12
Isaac is foretold as the one whom blessing comes through


What would be your dream car/truck?
God says:  I gave you this dream for a reason and you are going to use this for my glory.
Great things will happen because you have this car, I WANT you to have this.
I want you to get in this car, will you do that?
I want for you to drive it along the coast will you do that?
Now roll down the windows and crank up some tunes.
Now drive your car up a rocky mountain.
When you get to the top get out of the car and set it on fire.

Gen 22

God is asking Abraham to give up his most prized thing, his son, the one whom the promise was to come through. It didn’t seem to make any sense. Kinda makes God sound like He’s going back on the promise. Abraham figures God will raise his son from the dead and he complies. Whatever was going to happen, Abraham had faith.

God holds the future
Abraham didn’t forget the promise, He just knew the one whose word was good
Not uncharacteristic for Abraham
God told him to move out – he did
God tells him to kill son – he was about to!

Play song: Holy is the Lord by by Andrew Peterson

Parallel to Jesus
Was nervous in garden but had faith this was His father’s will and was right

God may be asking you to do something simply to test your faith. You may get back whatever it is you would be giving up, and if so great! But if you don’t you should trust God that He has greater things in store. We should act as though we trust God whether we get something out of it or not, whether or not it makes sense to us.

Daniel 3:8-27

Burn us up!

You know there are a lot of people out there singing songs, making movies, trying to act like their big and bad. They lie about crimes they never committed, talk about all their women and the people they say they shot up. They try to look tough by putting their faith in themselves and really their “selves” are just fake! Cardboard cutouts that you can knock over if you put them to the test.

It takes a real man, takes a real woman, to stand before a king and say “Burn me up. God can save me, but if He chooses not to I will STILL burn for him!” To sacrifice our lives, even give up relationships with those closest to us, children, siblings, parents, friends. That’s the kind of sacrifice we should be willing to make for God, and even if it doesn’t make sense when God asks it, I promise you it’s worth it!

R. Travis Crocker

Student Family Minister – Beaufort FBC

Associational Youth Director – ABANC

traviscrocker@beaufortbaptist.org     252-269-0578