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How to make bright green fire: An idea for your VBS and more

We are adding a little twist to our youth VBS tonight that I wanted to share with others who might wish to do the same.

The Lifeway Outrigger Island Curriculum (the best VBS Lifeway has put out that I’ve seen,) calls for a reenactment of Jeremiah 36 where the king burns the scroll that Jeremiah and Baruch have presented to them. We are going to have youth throw in cards with the commandments they have not kept. Where we depart tonight is that we will have a second bowl full of bright GREEN fire. Since green represents life, we will have youth decide what particular commandment they will work on observing that they haven’t. The green fire will represent the fire of God inside of them and their placing their cards in here will represent giving it over to God.

So how do you make green fire? Take a teaspoon of boric acid and mix it with about a cup (at least) of HEET antifreeze. You can get both of these items at Walmart and inexpensively. Mix the boric acid with the HEET for about 30 seconds and light it. The eerie green glow is something you just have to see! And I’m sure our youth will be enthralled with it tonight as well